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Capricorn likes the fact that Virgo is entirely dedicated to the relationship. Capricorn can offer viewpoints to the relationship that Virgo never would have considered on their own. Capricorn will start new projects that Virgo will enjoy taking over later. This relationship will work out if Capricorn can initiate ideas and Virgo can continue them.

Best Mate for Capricorn

Both partners enjoy security and material objects, and work very well together to achieve their goals — especially if the goal involves shared resources. Their mutual interests make theirs a highly pleasant relationship.

Capricorn's Best Love Matches

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Stellar guidance. Recommended Reading. The most determined and ambitious of the earth signs, Capricorn is also the most wise and mature. Rather less love match compatibility for Capricorn comes in the shape of Aries and Leo. Aries wants to rush into life, instead of taking the tried and tested Capricorn route, while Leo wants to be in charge and will not allow Capricorn authority to dominate.

Romance your earth sign slowly and tenderly, and offer lots of reassurance over security, fidelity and future plans. All three of the earth signs, when happy in a relationship, offer a great depth of loyalty and support to their lovers, plus a can-do attitude which really helps these partnerships to go places.

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