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Let us heartly well come this magazine and we pray for the almighty that this magazine should be a immortal. I wish and really sincere pranam to Mrs Gayatri vasudev that again she started this magazine. Good news madam…Was missing the Astrological Magazine for the last couple of months or so..

Could you please advise where i can get the same in Mumbai. Madam, It is a great pleasure to see the magazine again. I pray the almighty that there will be no more void hereafter. I am happy to learn that the New Astrology Magazine is coming out this month. I shall strongly recomend it to be made available at Crossword book stores. Thanks and all the best. Rajendra N. Just heard that the Astrological Magazine is back in the saddle. Pray the Almighty that the journal should grow from strength to strength.

remarkable, this Swaminatha sharma books a million that

Kindly let us know where we can get it in Chennai. Good to read the first issue. Waiting for the second issue. Congratulations and wish you all the best. I am very pleased to hear the news. I am really happy that you have restarted the publication of the New Astrological magazine, I wish you all the best for the successful response from the astrological minded public all over the world, if health permits I will send some research based obsevations on controversial points observed in classical texts.

How can i write about your efforts regarding astrology through e mail. When i think it is a miracle for me against your valuable dictum on astrology. Nammaste,Very happy to learn that the new astrological magazine has been restarted. I was unhappy that publication A. M was stopped. I was very much impressed by the accuracy of your predictions. Proably vastu of magazine went wrong with too much articles on vastu. A case of tail wagging the dog Thanks. I have been publishing in verious astrological magazine for the last 25 years.

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My articles are now appearing in Emagazines also. Dear Madam, It is really a great day worth rejoicing for all lovers of astrology world over. Many thanks for bringing out the Astrological Magazine in its new form and Splendor. At last the Rahu of vaastu has been vanquished and the resplendent sun of astrology rose up in its Divine glory. May god bless you with long life and enthusiasm to continue this magazine and keep flying the glory of Dr. B V Raman and Prof.

B Suryanarayana Rao for generations to come. Dear mam Immensely happy to see that the AM is back. I was a regular reader of AM and have almost 4 years full issues with me. May god bless you and the team led by you in all your efforts for such a good cause. Dear Madam, Namasthe…. At last AM is back for us…I have some prediction techniques on astrology regarding marriage and divorce… Shall i send u so that u can publish the same for the use of others too….

Please mail me so that i can forward u for publishing…Please consider Thanks… Kaarai. Swaminatha Sharma Puducherry Monile I am really happy to see the website of astrological magazine back.

Swaminatha sharma books a million

My subscription No is I am one of the subscriber to astrological magazine since long and now I got the New Astrological Magazine to my Bangalore Address wef May Issue only , But I need the previous two issues of March and April , please send them too. Here in New Delhi, your magazine comes erratically. We have not been able to get July or August issues. Anguish was natural at the turn of events. Thanks to Almighty, it did not last more. My greetings to you for letting the magazine reappear. Some of your readers seem to be not in tune with the subject of vastu.

Naturally when an author appears to have little regard for decorum or maryada. This arises out of ego. Prarabdha prevails.

Birth time : My Marriage date : Could you please suggest me a right path I went to almost all the temples in Tamilnadu Looking forward to your right guidance. Guruji, Can you tell us which time and day is considered when a baby is born outside India while writing jathagam. Of course, there is a time difference. But country's time and day.. A big confusion now a days. Detailed explanation please.

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Hi Moderator While casting a chart for a baby is born, the time and place of birth is noted But nowadays no one is making chart with the help of Panchangam. As lot of software is available for making a computerized horoscope, Just the time and day of the place where the baby is born is taken into consideration Softwares take the time difference for the place of birth, and accordingly Birth Lagna and chart is prepared for the baby. Sponsored Links. Latest Posts. Brian Blessed Latest: Sriramajayam A moment ago.

Brandon Routh Latest: Sriramajayam 3 minutes ago. Sean Lennon Latest: Sriramajayam 9 minutes ago. Jackson Browne Latest: Sriramajayam 17 minutes ago. Latest: vijaykumar12 35 minutes ago.

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Fans Club and Others. Eddie Guerrero Latest: Sriramajayam 38 minutes ago. Visit Durga Temple and offer special puja to Devi. Rahukaala Durga Puja on Tuesday will give you expected results. Place of birth is Lakkasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Kindly suggest health precautions. February 12, at 2: June 27, at 9: July 2, at January 12, at 5: February 25, at Nakshatra Porutham is given paramount importance in our tradition since we can find out the health, family, love, sex, relationship, children, finance, longevity and foreign travel for the couple.

The initial step for Nakshatra Porutham is to do matching between girl's and boy's birth star. Then you may have to contact your astrologer for Nakshatra Porutham for analyzing lagna, dasa compatibility and any yogas or dosha.

This web site is for educational and informational purposes only. Click here to read the Disclaimer. Written by KT Astrologer. Now, you would have understood many such sayings have only rhyme, no reason.

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Dear Kunjuppu uncle and Pannvalan sir, I too consider like you only. But, why this kind of approach? All the constellations are god's own creation na. Why moolam, kettai, rohini, ayilyam, pooradam are said like that. Without hearing the next thing, people all of a sudden reject the horoscope simply saying Jyeshta will suit for their girl, but our josiar said jyesta guy should not be your Mapillai, then he will trouble your elder son.

I am just making out of these kinda false regardings. Thanks sir and I expect swami ji to explain on this. Whether is there any dosha like that just becoz of the star.