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Mandy, Sally and Sharon got into a conversation about their strangest Tarot questions. Sometimes a client will ask about something you have no knowledge of, or they will ask you a question that makes it difficult to keep a straight face. You have to be prepared to trust your knowledge of the Tarot and to trust you intuition if you choose to answer these.

From the mundane "what should I buy my mother for her birthday" to the bizarre, the Tarot can answer any question your clients bring to you! Mandy set a challenge at the end of the podcast. Feel free to take that challenge and leave your comments below! I'll be returning to the podcasts soon! Be on the lookout for it! Although they do touch on some of the traditional meanings that you may find in books, they spent more time on the ways to interpret the card through the image.

By getting to know the images on your cards and how they appeal to your senses, you are taking the first step toward flowing, intuitive Tarot readings that are never stilted or forced. Throughout the next few months, you may see more sneak peeks of discussions of each card in the Tarot deck. We are in the process of making and posting all of the video for each card at easytarotlessons.

So don't worry if you don't see them all here! They'll all be posted for free at the site. Please feel free to post your comments below of what the Four of Wands says to you! Sally and Sharon got together to discuss some of the meanings the Ace of Wand from the Tarot could lead to. Note the word "could" here!

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Their discussion is purely to help you see some of the possible meanings that could be invoked by the image on the card. These exercises are essential to help you keep from being trapped by "keywords" or traditional meanings. It is imperative to be able to understand each card in a way that will apply to the day to day existence of both you and your clients. If you would like to know more about the Tarot, visit www. The first month is only one dollar!

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the Ace of Wands in the comment section!

Sharon and Will sat down for a deep discussion of how Will discovered the Tarot. They talked about what he thought it was before he started learning and how he evolved as a Tarot reader. One of the most important things to do while learning the Tarot is finding a teacher or school that resonates with you. By resonates, I mean something that speaks to you in a way you understand and Identify with.

Will tells us all about how difficult it was to find teachings that weren't clouded with vague mystery. Even with the internet and all the information available to us today, it is still hard to find proper training! Join us to find out how he found the best school for him. Whether you are already in the academy or still searching for a way to learn the Tarot, this podcast is filled with insight and information.

Thank you Will, for sharing so much with us! And remember, no one has to do this alone. Please feel free to share, follow, and comment. I've been getting a great many requests to do some podcasts on card meanings. As many of you know, I'm not an advocate of keywords or superstitions so please don't expect that. Instead, you can expect insight and observations to what the cards can mean in every day life.

Mandy, Sharon and I got together today to discuss the Empress. We talked about the general feel the card generated for us and gave examples of what she could mean and why. The value here is learning how to interpret for yourself and your client instead of giving vague, rote, or generic tarot readings. This is the first of 78 podcasts on the meanings of cards. We hope you enjoy it and join us for the whole series. Please feel free to share your observations with us in the comments. We'd love to hear from you. I find it frustrating how so many Tarot readers feel they have to hide their talent because of the misrepresentation of what we do that is so prevalent in today's media.

The fear of animosity and ridicule can be overwhelming. Today, Skwirl sat down with Robin as she shared her journey of how she overcame the fear and "came out of the tarot closet". They discussed her reservations, how she battled the insecurity, and how she found the courage to show the world who she is. They also discussed some reasons why many readers can't feel comfortable letting others know what they do, and how they can find a sense of strength and empowerment.

No matter what your "closet" status, remember that you are not alone.

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Please feel free to let us know how you came out of the tarot closet or what holds you from it in the comments below! We are here to help. Whether you are just a beginner or an advanced with Tarot reader, this podcast is a must hear! Mandy, Sharon and I dove deep into the secrets of the Fool, and I mean deep. Explore some of the possibilities of the Fool with us; from symbolism to why the Fool is the perfect example of how to read the Tarot. If you have any questions or would like to hear a podcast about a Tarot related question, please email me at writeme dustywhite.

Feel free to follow and leave comments! We had quite a session today! We started out with a dilemma Mandy had to face for being such a popular Tarot reader! We got into a very deep discussion about what each can represent and how they differ from each other. Be sure to take notes! There are no keywords or shortcuts here.

This information is powerful and will expand your understanding of these cards in ways you could not begin to imagine! Thank you so much for spending precious time with us. Please be sure to leave some feedback and don't hesitate to follow the podcasts! You don't want to miss what we have in store! Do I need a permit to practice Tarot? House of White presents the first podcast hosted by the well known Sharon Lewis, a. She will also have special guests join her to add their unique view points to the discussion.

Upon seeing a small Tarot readings sign, he proceeded to give her a ticket for not having a Fortune-Telling License. Together, they discuss ways to remove the blight that con-artists have stained the Tarot community with, and what we can do to protect ourselves. Thanks for being here :- Skwirl. So often, when the Tower comes up in a spread, the reaction is fear. With the way it is presented in today's media, this is perfectly valid, but the Tower is so much more than complete devastation.

Today, Sharon and I discussed when and how the Tower could be a "good" card to get in a spread. We talked about many things it could represent, and why Tower "energy" is so important to life. This is a big step to ridding yourself of keywords and superstition surrounding the Tarot.

If you have any Tarot related questions you would like to ask, e-mail me at me dustywhite. Pages and Aces. What do you do when you turn over the card and the answer is so obvious you feel like it can't possibly be right? What do you do when this happens? Of course the answer seems obvious! Join Mandy, Sharon and I as we discuss intuition, yappy dogs and divine inspiration. One other big topic we covered was how Pages and Aces are often confused as having the same interpretations. Many Tarot books indicate that both are new beginnings.

We talked about the differences between the two and ways that you can know exactly what they mean when they come up in a tarot reading. Please leave a comment below on whether you enjoyed the podcast or if there is a topic you'd like to hear covered in future Tarot podcasts. Thanks for being here! How to Handle Bad Tarot Readings. In this podcast, Mandy, Sally, and Dusty discuss what happens when your reading takes an unexpected turn. Mandy recounts a recent reading she had. The client arrived stating she wanted to hear "anything". In hindsight, Mandy believes she should have managed her client's expectations at the outset, but she was already committed to the reading.

Mandy endeavored to do the best she could with a client that did not want to be an active participant in the reading. Mandy cast an overview spread and read that spread only to be told by the client that she wanted to know about something entirely different. In an effort to provide the client what she wanted, Mandy focused on this new question and gave what she thought was an excellent reading.

Afterward, the client revealed that a friend told her she should not disclose any information to Mandy. Further, the client expressed disappoinment with the reading. From Mandy's perspective, she felt like she was being tested as if she were a mindreader, which she is not. Mandy, seeing the client's disappointment, returned the fee and offered to do another reading at a later date.

The client accepted the offer, scheduled a new appointment, and left. Unfortunately, the client did not return for the rescheduled appointment. Mandy felt like she mishandled the matter and Dusty discussed his thoughts. Everyone agreed that managing your client's expectations early is the key to a successful consultation and offered strategies for accomplishing that. Client's often do not know what goes on during a reading, only knowing what they see on television or in the movies. It is best to explain the process to them up front and tell them what you can and cannot do as a tarot reader.

Let the client know that the reading provides more actionable information when there is dialogue between the reader and the client. This isn't about fishing for information like a mentalist. It is about getting sufficient background information so you can understand what your client wants to know. If either client or reader are uncomfortable with the reading, it is okay to walk away from it. In the end, Mandy did the right thing in dealing with a difficult client.

We hope you enjoy this peek into what it is like to read for real people in the real world.

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If you liked this episode, or if you would like to suggest a topic for future podcasts, let us know in the comments. Tarot Do's and Don'ts. Today's podcast is geared toward beginners, but it is a good idea for experienced readers to listen in as well. Mandy and I covered some do's and don'ts of what a tarot reader should be doing and why. We covered some basics like the importance of proper shuffling, focusing on the client, and other practices that are often overlooked by beginners.

Whether you are just starting out or getting a refresher, it is super important to remember the basics! Don't hesitate to leave feedback in the comments section! You can also ask us to do a future podcast on a tarot topic that has you stumped. Thanks for being here :- Dusty White. Imagination vs. One of the big questions we have gotten lately, is how can you tell the difference between imagination and intuition while we are reading Tarot cards?

Mandy and Sharon discussed this today in depth. They talked about how to tell the difference between the two, how to build your intuition, and how to strengthen your confidence. This podcast is full of examples, great advice, and guidance. If you are struggling with knowing whether you are actually interpreting the divine or just "making stuff up", be sure to listen to this episode!

Tarot Rituals. There is a great deal of "hocus-pocus" surrounding the Tarot cards. We are here to help you determine what actually works. Today we discussed some of the Tarot rituals that are taught in books and on the internet.

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We covered questions like "do you need to cleanse your Tarot cards every time you cast a spread? Especially when you have a long line of clients waiting for a reading. We explain exactly what is necessary to open that valve of intuition and to keep it open while you are doing a Tarot reading without bogging everything down with superstition. We hope you enjoy today's podcast! Feel free to leave comments or ask about a question you would like to hear a podcast on! We tackled some more of the popular questions asked on the internet about the Tarot.

The questions we covered today included why tarot decks? We also covered some professional secrets on HOW to get the kind of amazing results everyone wants from a reading. Remember, there are no instant gratification ways of learning. You need to be willing to put the time and the work into your studies in order to get the results! Feel free to e-mail me at me dustywhite. Tarot "Why" Questions. In today's podcast, Sharon and I answer another question submitted by our listeners.

They want to know about Tarot Why Questions. The Tarot is the Swiss army knife of divination. It can answer all types of questions without the mess of consulting entrails! The worst thing you can do when reading Tarot is fail to answer specific questions. In order to ask a Why Question, here is what you need to do: At all times, the most important thing is that you answer a question accurately.

Start off by talking to your client. What are they really asking? Then you need to understand what their environment is. To answer a Why Question with authority, conviction, and accuracy, you need to do the following: Make mental notes or actually write them down which is Brian's Exercise found in Advanced Tarot Secrets then answer these questions: What am I asking about? What is actually going on here?

Whose perspective am I looking from? What specifically do I want to know? While you are shaping this muti-faceted question in your mind, form a ball of energy and expand it. Either let that energy encompass you or let it travel out of your brain, through your arms, and into your hands. Let that energy flow into your cards as you shuffle. Continue shuffling until you get your "ding" that the cards are in the right place. While you are doing this, you make a compact with the Divine that you are going to use a certain spread. Don't break that compact by choosing a different spread after you get your ding!

If you decide to change spreads, shuffle again. By studying Tarot, you learn how to access the Divine. Remember, the magic is in you and not the cards. If you practice these techniques, you will get results; but you have to do the work! We cannot do the work for you. What you get out of your studies is directly related to what you put into them and practicing with your cards is key.

If you are listening to this podcast, check out our website at easytarotlessons. We hope you enjoy this episode! Why Learn Tarot? In today's podcast, Mandy, Sharon and I tackle questions submitted by our listeners. They want to know things like, why should they learn the tarot? Why use tarot cards? Why are tarot cards accurate? And why do tarot cards work? In our experience, people learn the tarot for many reasons. The tarot helps us explore and understand the world around us. The tarot enables us to answers questions that we could not answer otherwise.

With the tarot, we develop our intuition and connect with the Divine! In the end, we learn the tarot because it works. So why use tarot cards and not some other tool? There are few tools like the tarot that can deliver so much information from such a compact source. The imagery of the tarot cards sparks our intuition. One single picture can contain a multitude of words in a way that something like a pendulum cannot.

The cards become the vocabulary through which the Divine can communicate with us. People consult the tarot, and some pay a lot of money to do so, because it works. So why are tarot cards so accurate? The tarot cards are accurate because trained tarot readers have honed their intuitions and developed a dialogue with their cards to the point they are clear channels to the Divine.

There is no magic in the cards. The magic is in the reader. The tarot is accurate because it provides an avenue for intuition to manifest Divine knowledge into words. What gives you confidence in reading the Tarot? Reading the tarot takes confidence: You need to open your mouth and trust the words that come out. This is scary to most people—and it should be. We are not making things up as we go, and we are NOT paid for our opinion. Most people who have had a tarot reading have encountered the "reader" who broadcasts information at them: The "reader" states what is going on in their lives as if it is a set fact, even when it makes no sense to the client person getting the reading.

This kind of arrogance is not tarot reading. It is a scam, and fraudulent. We are not talking about that. Today we teach you how to have GENUINE confidence when reading your cards—how to develop a trust bond with your intuition, and what it takes to feel comfortable in any situation when reading cards for anyone. It really is not that hard.

In fact, most of what you need to do is to simply get out of your own way silence the yappy dog. Today we show you how in just over 30 minutes. We also share some embarrassing stories. Thanks for being here. If YOU have a question on how to do something with your cards—hit us up!

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Tarot History Talk. We just couldn't resist making an extra podcast for you this week! My tarot history team is making some great discoveries I absolutely had to share with you! Join Mandy, Sharon and I as we discuss this exciting event! This is a great opportunity to see what our research team is doing! And if you have a love of Tarot history, visit our non-profit museum at www. If you'd like to be on the research team, please let me know!

We hope you enjoy this bonus podcast! How to turn your Tarot readings Tarot Experiences! Mandy, Sharon and I started out today with a light discussion on some popular myths surrounding the Tarot. So many clients and readers still cling to these! However, the real meat to this episode is a simple process that Mandy used to instantly increase repeat clientelle, price, and the quality of the experience that her clients walk away with.

She explained the entire process to us, but if you would like to see pictures of what she did, come to easytarotlessons. We'll send you the video that was made to enable you to do this process step-by-step. How to do Tarot parties step-by-step. Want to get paid to read Tarot at parties?

In today's podcast, Mandy, Sharon, and I show you how to be a tarot party reader step-by-step. We discuss what to expect, what to do, and what to avoid. First, why read Tarot at parties at all? To begin with, you can get paid well all at one time! You are also creating an opportunity to connect with new clients and obtain new referrals. It is one of the few moments where you can show non-believers that you are the real deal. Join us for this step-by-step Tarot party guide! If you already know how to read the cards, you can go out tonight and start promoting your Tarot Party service. If you are interested in Tarot parties but still need to learn how to read the Tarot, there is a FREE 10 week course at www.

Come join us to start your tarot education. We hope you enjoy the show! Tarot card meanings: Ace, two, thee, four, five of Cups. Fun, casual discussion today. We covered the ace, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Cups. Mandy is off somewhere in England, doing something fun, so Sharon and I spent an hour looking at these cards, and along the way shared a few insights learned from DECADES of reading professionally.

We make learning the tarot easy. Listen and take notes, or play along with your tarot cards and see if you can come across new meanings that we may have missed. All you have are 78 cards to determine the answer to ANY and EVERY question someone throws at you, so the most important thing you can do before a reading is develop a dialog with every one of your cards. That's where we come in. Come join us free at www. Tarot card meanings: 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of Coins Pentacles. Today we look at the six, seven, eight, nine, and ten of the suit of Coins or "Pentacles".

One of the worst things you can do in a reading is to force meanings into your tarot cards by using formula or memorized meanings. This comes from not knowing instinctively when cards come up in a spread. We are here to help you fix that. In today's free audio lesson we take a close look at each of the cards 6—10 of Coins as they can appear in real-life readings for clients. There is no guesswork in the tarot; none is needed.

Every card in every spread, once verified, adds to the whole of the picture you are painting. This is why it is essential that you know what your cards mean, inside and out. Let us help. In this series we cover every card and give you fresh ways to look at the cards—with new and different methods and techniques in each audio lesson. Over the whole of the series you will come away with a wealth of new knowledge that will make YOUR readings better than they ever have been. As always, we are here to help.

Tarot card meanings: Ace, two, thee, four, five of Swords. Today we covered what tarot cards mean. Ace of Swords, two of Swords, three of Swords, four of Swords, and five of Swords; they are all here and carefully examined. Why should you believe us? Dusty has been reading tarot cards since he was 11 that was over 40 years ago , and a professional and a trainer of working professional tarot readers for well over two decades.

Also, we don't give you a lot of fluff. The purpose of this series of tarot card meanings audio lessons is to help you break through the obstacles of confusion and randomness of card meanings in a spread or a reading for your clients. Every tarot card has an exact meaning, specific to the reading you are giving "right now.

The process of developing your intuition through your use of the tarot cards allows you to know the "right meaning" for any and every tarot card that comes up in your spreads. This comes with education, and a lot of practice. If you want ALL of our free lessons, please go to www. That's all you have to do. No credit card is involved, and there is no spam. You get free tarot lessons by email and even live free help every Saturday from one of the top tarot experts in the world.

We are always here to help. Easy Manifestation Lessons series 2. Lots of mystery school secrets here today. Most of them small and commonplace, but that is the essence of this lesson: what do we miss in our rush to make "magic" happen? We have to do the little things right. These will seem "normal and logical," but look around you and see how many people DON'T do these people who don't get results , and see how these were NOT taught in books like "The Secret.

REAL magic happens when you do the work, not when you "think happy thoughts. Newspaper headline. Empty spaces around the balloon - write short paragraphs about your manifestation. Make your goal meaningful to you with word pictures. For your eyes only because you need to be truthful to yourself. Think about what you are doing if you want, think about some of the steps involved. Baby steps are important. Tap into the little things along the way. Main point - this document is now technically a magical artifact! ALSO: Distractions - you can do everything right, but your greatest enemy is not the devil.

It is distraction! Spend time aware write it down! Changing poison into medicine. Label every bug. Micro manage these bugs. Concepts, things that bother you. Identify weaknesses in your ability to process. Identify the ones you can! Each of these is individual. By knowing what it is, we can eradicate it. As they are eradicated, magic marker them out! Slowly, systematically, and methodically eliminating these distractions. We are creating fertile soil for our manifestation seeds to grow. How to take everything from your past and use it as fuel.

How to manufacture productive time with a busy schedule. Easy Manifestation Lessons mini-series. The tarot is more than a divination tool and, thanks to her training, Mandy put it to great use! Dusty has thrown open the doors to the Mystery School! The lessons are being recorded, but they are not available for listening. You have to be in class to get in on these valuable and for now free lessons!

The first lesson: There is no such thing as something for nothing, which is different than something from nothing. Manifestation, at its basic level, is about bringing something from the intangible to the tangible. What is intangible or ethereal? Think of thought. Thought does not exist in the real world. You cannot prove a thought exists until the thought is spoken. The act of writing something down is the process of turning nothing into something.

Metaphysics must follow the laws of physics. If you are going to do magic that works, you have to examine your beliefs and your practices and evaluate whether they match up with the laws of physics. Is this how to guarantee a long-lasting relationship? Moving into a new pad for work or uni? Say hello to your star sign interior decorator. Monthly Horoscopes Sep 23, Their personality traits, what they're into and which star signs they get on best with. Monthly Horoscopes Sep 13, Monthly Horoscopes Aug 30, Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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