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The timing of the decision, which has had a huge impact on the entire country, may be based on numerology. Narendra Modi was born on September 17 in Disciplined, ambitious, good leadership quality are some of the basic traits of those who are born under number 8. It is said that the name change was done to bring the synergy with number 8. Modi's Swavalamban Abhiyan, a pro-poor initiative, was started on September 17, Choose your reason below and click on the Report button.

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Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now You can switch off notifications anytime using browser settings. ET Portfolio. Twitter admits users data may have been used for advertising. The subinfluence of the number 11 month indicates that you are emotionally sensitive, with psychic abilities. Although you are receptive to positive influences around you, avoid any type of hostile environment, as it works negatively on your psyche.

Staying balanced, determined, and focused enables you to receive a unique insight into people and ideas. Although you need freedom to operate independently, avoid being preoccupied with yourself and learn to work with others through collaborative endeavors. Combining your imaginative thought with your ingenuity and practical know-how can produce outstanding results. Loyal and affectionate, you can be demonstrative with your feelings but need to guard against becoming overserious or insecure. Since you are sociable and popular, you enjoy other people's company and do not like being on your own.

You are supportive of others, and you are often tempted to make sacrifices for those you love, but avoid becoming overly dependent on partners. Fortunately, you possess charm and wonderful people skills that can endear you to others and increase your social standing. Positive: sound common sense, wealth of ideas, optimism, organizational abilities Negative: exaggeration, conceit, arrogance Your Special Someone You might find long-lasting relationships and stability with someone born on one of the following days.

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You have a sound intellect and a flair for science or esoteric subjects, which highlights your intuitive and psychic abilities. This star may bestow honors, wealth, and riches and may also bring long-lasting happiness. Linked to your Sun's degree, Al Schemali imparts a strong character, leadership abilities, and executive skills. With the help of this star's influence, you may enjoy promotion to a high position in your career and achieve success after initial difficulties.

This star warns that you should avoid legal entanglements and questionable situations.

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On the other hand, trouble does not last long and good fortune returns if the correct choices are made. The lagna or ascendant is supposed to be your first house. One has to follow an anti clockwise direction from the lagna or point of ascendance. The first fifth and ninth are called the trine houses, they are supposed to be powerful and auspicious.

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The fourth seventh and tenth are called quadrants, they are equally powerful and fortune yielding. The third and eleventh houses are related to growth; whereas the sixth eighth and twelfth are supposed to be maliciously oriented. Each of the twelve signs has its ascendant lord in various planets. I f the ascendant lord is self placed it is supposed to be very powerful.

It is weakened or become malefic when it inhibits an unfriendly or an enemy sign. It is moderately powerful when it occupies its friend's house.

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Lords of first fifth and the ninth house are always beneficial but the lords of fourth seventh and tenth yield benefits if placed in favorable houses. However the lords of sixth eighth and twelfth if placed in the similar houses produce good result but are bad if placed in good houses such as the trines and quadrants. Two or more planets placed in a similar house are called the conjunction of planets.

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The conjunctions are similarly beneficial or malefic according to the planetary combination and the sign or houses inhibited by them. The conjunction of trying lord and quadrant lord is supposed to be very auspicious. Rahu and Ketu which are the nodes of moon also yield different results depending on the signs inhibited by them and planets aligned with them.