Birthday number 16 meaning

But at all times, be practical in your application of your insights. Find concrete means of expressing yourself.

Number 16 Meaning

Pick a field that suits you -- science, metaphysics, philosophy, psychology, teaching, for example -- and deepen yourself in its understanding. But beware of becoming overly dogmatic and shutting off from the truths of others. The great pitfall you face is the choice of becoming aloof, mental and critical. This will result in alienation and even bitterness.

Numerology Number 16

You can also easily lift off the ground, becoming impractical and dreamy. If you indulge too much in flights of fancy, you may drift from reality and give up the possibility of earning an adequate living. You prefer to work alone, rather than in a group. You can easily lose interest in your projects, however, and must work hard to finish what you start. You have to have faith and let opportunities come your way -- you may miss out if you reach and seek.

You are very sensitive and feel deeply, but you don't share your feelings easily, nor do you communicate them well. The realm of the heart troubles you for its shifting, nebulous qualities.

Number 16, Sixteen in numerology | Numerology Meaning

You must work hard to understand this area of life. You are a person that is able to become an expert in a certain field, so if you feel that you haven't found it, don't stop looking for it. When you find it, be careful and always analyze information in order to stay flexible and not limited by given information only.

The danger that is possible for you is being a loner that can lead to strangeness. You are also exposed to be so pride of yourself and your achievements that it can lead to vanity and break in self-development.

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Always be critical to information, try to learn more, but don't place yourself higher than others. You can sink in your interests so much that you may become irrational and dreamy, and as a result lose the earning potential. Your challenge is to be flexible. Though you are analytical, you are still very sensitive and can't get close with people easily. Communication is usually hard for you, because you need to find a person that sees what you see or at least understands you without judging.

Numerology Secrets - Number 16 -

You like being alone, it doesn't bother you. You have problems with maintaining romantic relationships in the long run. Numerology Life Path Biblical Numerology.

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