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Want insight into your love life this month?

Taurus Love Horoscope

We also have horoscopes for all 12 Zodiac Signs. To start with there is nothing to suggest the romantic time bomb waiting to explode this month.

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Explode with opportunity that is. Good news starting from the second part of the year, when a new love is foreseen. Either you will break away from the past for good, or you will revive your dusty, long-term relationship that you already have. You will feel free to start over.

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Beware of the permanent disagreements you have with your partner. It is possible to get to the point where you fight regardless of where you are, even in public or in front of your friends, without noticing that you are becoming ridiculous. Moreover, think about the fact that those who are forced to assist in your fights are not in a comfortable situation either.

If you are single, the hope of finding someone increases towards the end of , when you are going to meet someone special at a party organized by your relatives.

Taurus 12222 Love Horoscope

You might start an extraordinary relationship! During the first month of the year, do what you consider is the best for yourself, not what others think you should be doing. Someone dear from your family helps you realize some important aspects regarding your wellbeing. The Taurus natives will go from a pronounced romantic mood to sadness and disappointment in their personal life. Instead, with Venus and the Sun in the career house, the Taurus might achieve success at work. Health-wise, the Taurus natives may sometimes feel that their tonus is great, to feel exhausted and eager to have more time to relax right after.

March brings minor, but unpleasant problems.

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

Otherwise, combined, they might form a jumbo, which might be hard to overcome later. Love, also, is not free from conflicts, so you should be very careful with what you say and do: you are stepping on a landmine! It all heats up for you right on Valentine's Day -- an evening that is sure to be unforgettable for you!

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That's because on this day Mars, the planet of sex and assertive drive, enters your sign. He remains here through March 31, blessing you with incredible staying power as you pursue the object of your desire. There is no such thing as giving up in the love department as far as you're concerned.


You'll pull out all the stops to ensure that the one you love is seduced from head to toe.