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His first astrological job was at Today - which he also left in a phone line dispute. I don't know if people know that.

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Well, the tax man certainly knows. It's a 50p piece that had been balancing on the top of the sofa. Cainer laughs, "That's what happens if you sit around here. Money falls on to you.

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Horoscopes and money. Money and horoscopes. It is hard, in conversation with Cainer, to disentangle the two. Until you start talking personally. In , Cainer's wife, Melanie, died in surgery after a car crash. He didn't get to see her in hospital after the accident because he was at home looking after the seven children they had between them, including two still breast-fed seven-month twins. And then suddenly he reports a conversation he had with Melanie, after the accident.

I look puzzled. And he says, "Oh yeah, I was serving tea to the kids and suddenly - sound and vision in the corner of the room. It was Mel in a strange blue light, looking serene. She said: 'Jon I think I'm going I said I thought as much. Did you really say that? I've learnt you have to be careful how much you tell people about the communications with the dead.

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Everyone assumes you're a bit of a nutter, but sorry, I have. I've had innumerable conversations with her since.

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He made a housing for the bins where she wanted it. He painted the bathroom the colour blue she chose. He looks down at his hands. He's had "light relationships - plural" since, but nothing serious. I loathe and detest being told by anybody what the stars have in store for me.

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