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An inherent aesthetic sense is present in these people. It is likely to happen that during the middle period of their lives they must face a bad phase.

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During these times these individuals will feel distressed because of this ill fate. Persons with a nurturing spirit generally have this power number. Real mothers are its natives. These people possess drastic energy.

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They love doing things in a unified way. The natives with name Dilipkumar can be somewhat fickle minded. They may be pondering over some suspicion always. These natives may be confused somehow at every moment. Their characters are filled with duplicity and shrewdness. As human beings, these people are romantic. However, they also expect a lover nature in their partners.

Dilip Kumar Birth Chart | Dilip Kumar Kundli | Horoscope by Date of Birth Bollywood, Actor

If they do not have romantic relationship, they behave indifferently. These people usually have a certain goal and plan in their life to proceed. They are passionate about their career. A very elevated status is what they crave for in life. That is why they are very serious about their goal.

Even they can hurt others if they come in their way of achieving their goals. They are so obsessed about winning that they miss out the small happiness at present. Dilipkumar can be introvert and may not express their feelings before everyone. Alternatively, if they do, they do it involuntarily. Therefore, people of this name can be perceived as very secretive by surrounding people.

At times, they may find difficulties in finding genuine friends. Since, they are concerned with their goals only, and then their goals become a burden for them.

Dilip Kumar's Planetary Position

These men are not at all shaky, moreover, they are educated and forward in nature. They are the person with the expression number 6. They are charitable person from their heart. They are kind hearted as well.


They love to do works for the poor and distressed people. They may join any charitable organization. And for this nature they are also very caring and loving towards their fellows and parents. Their features attack people towards them. People respect them from their hearts.

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They will have attractive physic and beautiful face. As a whole they are the perfect example of symbol of love. They love freedom and they like to give freedom others as well. People can trust they easily and they have the urge to keep their beliefs. They like to see dreams. They love to do gardening.